The Power Of Specialized, Unified, & Personalized Intentions


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As demographic or personal information is entered into the Harmonic Energy Balancing program, a series of energetic patterns or waves, consisting of Light, Sound, Color, Sacred Geometry, (using specific mathematical repetitions), Sacred Videos, Sacred Music and Master affirmations/prayers are applied by means of a specially designed "Prayer Wheel." These methods are used in conjunction with other proprietary applications as well. The combined information is then administered to the individual, internal to the program, through their photographic image, regardless of location. It is now considered, and accepted by many, that the energy of prayer and other life affirming postulates may transcend all time and space.

This work is presented with the singular interest that it may integrate only with that which is for the greatest and highest good of all recipients. And, that these energies are diffused from a non-denominational Spiritual/Religious perspective that the Foundation For Energetic Transformation presents to all participants. It should be understood that this information and material is directed solely toward those enrolled in the program, and may never be applied, forced or otherwise coerced upon another without their direct permission. Exceptions are offered only to those tendering guardianship to minor children, adults, and pets or other animals assigned to their care.

The HEB presents life-affirming patterns that may affect all areas of one's being. These may include spiritual, psychological, mental/emotional, or physical variations. However, always with the understanding that respect be given to another's state of being/consciousness, and that their belief system, religion, or philosophy etc. be left intact, without interference.

Therefore, the HEB program recognizes the unconditional freedom of each participant to accept or reject any of the energetic intents or patterns contained within the scope of the presentation, always maintaining the option to enter, stop or reenter the program at any time.

We have seen results and responses that cause us wonder, and will therefore share these stories with passion and enthusiasm through our newsletter and personal testimonials. HEB developers remain in contact with some of the major leaders in the fields of sacred geometry/math, sound, light, and music administration, reviewing their suggestions and incorporating information that will continuously enhance and upgrade the facilitation of the HEB. One recent addition to the process is the inclusion of a personalized affirmation filter, which incorporates any individualized prayer or affirmation, designed exclusively for the participant, by the participant. This personal message is then placed into an active matrix prayer wheel, providing the additional positive reinforcement of that hololinguistic energy twenty-four hours per day. This unique feature allows each member to actively participate in the facilitation of his or her own well being.

We believe the success of the HEB is dramatically augmented by the decision to embrace many additional satellite sites throughout the world. This imparts a universal, rather than singular, expression to the goals of the HEB program. It is our belief that each new or additional site adds to, and magnifies, the power of its predecessors. Like the hundredth monkey concept, the multiplicity of prayer, extending itself outward toward a critical mass of consciousness, establishes and inner network, or fabric of awareness, through which each member respects, aids, blesses, and intensifies the experience of all.

In conclusion, it is our belief that the Harmonic Energy Balancing program is light years beyond the forefront of such technology. No other program we have examined contains a broader or more expansive application for the blessings of such a monumental and fruitful endeavor. It is our fervent wish that this program opens, uplifts and touches the minds and hearts of all involved.



How Does It Work?

We are all aware of the fact that each person has a unique fingerprint unlike that of anyone else. This clearly identifies an individual, virtually without exception. In addition to that exclusive form of identification, it has been scientifically determined, by the process of Kirlian photography, that every human organism has its own distinct energetic fingerprint or signature. This photographic energy sheath, which is seen surrounding the physical body, is often referred to as one's aura. To further understand this, think of the special locating devices that are now installed in some new autos. These devices, known as GPS or global positioning systems, receive and transmit information to a satellite in space, which in turn determines the exact location of that vehicle. In a similar, but more complex manner, the Harmonic Balancing Program engages the photograph of an individual, within its specially designed database, providing and transmitting information, which in turn creates a link with the energetic field of the participant. It is interesting to note that time and space, provide no barrier to the possibility of success. The intent of the recipient appears to act like a magnet, attracting the necessary information. As a result of this connection, the gentle and subtle energies emitted by the program begin to slowly assist in the process of balancing the disharmonious energies lodged within the subjects energetic system.

Is My Energy System Out Of Balance?

Over the years, we all experience certain events that may be physically, emotionally, or mentally stressful. If we fracture an ankle, suffer from grief, or any other stressful condition, that event imprints itself upon the energy field, providing a strain to the delicate balance of our defense system. This has been validated by a science known as Psycho-Neuro-lmmunology This field of science has determined that the immune system is negatively affected by prolonged periods of stress, of any nature, and that the vibration or resonance of our cells produces a significant change following such an occurrence. The Harmonic Balancing Program attempts to balance the disharmonious energies of our body by gently peeling back the energetic stresses under the constant vigilance and influence of the individual's Higher Self.

Which Energies Are Needed?

We believe that each disease process conveys its own set of stress characteristics that, in turn, may influence our dynamic integrity. And, since we never diagnose, treat, or prescribe for disease, it is only the associated stress potentials and any resulting energetic disturbances that are addressed. Within us, as well as in all living organisms, we have an innate, divine intelligence that knows exactly what we need to create harmony and balance in the body. This intelligence receives, from the auric field, the energetic information for cellular guidance that the body requires for its ultimate well-being. While on the program, your divine intelligence assesses which of the energetic essences are needed to balance your energy system, taking in only the most beneficial energies, twenty-four hours a day.

What They Are Saying About HEB program:

CLIENT 1: As a nurse practitioner, I feel qualified to write the following testimony. I have suffered from depression for many years. In addition, I have attempted to discontinue the anti-depressants with no success. After joining the HEB, I experienced a sense of well being that is beyond words. No chemical could duplicate this feeling. I discontinued the anti-depressant gradually and have been feeling well. There has been an inordinate amount of stress in my life, personally and professionally, and I have been able to cope without the roller-coaster ride that I experienced previously.

CLIENT 2 : I had a dramatic initial response to being on the Harmonic Energy Balancing program. I have had pitting edema of both of my lower legs for at least 5 years. I am 80 years old. As an RN, I am amazed by the fact that all of the edema with the exception of a trace, has disappeared! Even more amazing is the fact that this occurred within 3 weeks of joining! I have had a marked increase in energy and chronic back pain has decreased progressively. (I still have some pain in the lower back). One more thing is the fact that my skin looks and feels younger. I had very dry skin previously and also severe postmenopausal vaginal dryness and subsequent chronic vaginitis. This problem has resolved with no other treatment variables.

CLIENT 3 : I have been on the Harmonic Energy Balancing program for 6 months. For the past 22 years I have been suffering from herpes genitalia with painful outbreaks on a monthly basis without fail. I have not had even one outbreak of blisters since starting the program. To me this is incredible since I have been under extreme stress and this usually makes my condition worse! I also had a tendency to catch colds easily in the past. I have not had any since starting the program.

CLIENT 4 : I was diagnosed with end stage carcinoma of the breast and bone metastasis. I have been on the program called the Harmonic Energy Balancing program for approximately 7 months. I can tell you that a recent MRI by my physician indicated that even though the tumors are still present, they have no extended and they are the same size as they were 8 months ago. There are variables such as meditation, diet changes, and a course of chemo 2 years ago. However, I have never felt better during the course of this illness and I have a supply of energy, which baffles my doctor. I feel that this program is the main reason that I am still alive.



Exciting times are upon Mother Earth and her Inhabitants on all levels, and In all dimensions. It Is the Intent and spirit of HEB program to assist all on the planet to find their own "HARMONY WITHIN."

We wish to acknowledge, and thank each of you for your work.  The HEB technology that is being gifted to Us at this time Is very special and will continue to be, due to the Integrity of all Involved and the heartfelt efforts pouring forth as we assist others to further recognize their full potential.

All's perfect and Is as It should be, even though at times we can find ourselves Immersed In a situation where we do not feel comfortable and perhaps seem to lack a conscious understanding as to the reason for our discomfort.

If this occurs we need only remember that we are co-creators, and possess a direct connection we have to our higher-selves, and the universe we have created. This allows us the opportunity and ability to change our reality.

We are Co-creators possessing a direct connection to our higher selves and the universe we created. This allows us the opportunity and ability to change our reality."




The use of fractal Imagery adds an unprecedented dimension to energetic balancing. Through visual representation of subtle energies, it weaves its influence into the consciousness of the recipient, extending beyond matter, energy, space and time. In nearly imperceptible ways these images affect the holographic model of self at the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and genetic levels. Fractal Patterns & Imagery may be considered the new leader of esoteric-energetic healing-Through the ancient art of pattern recognition, a unique pattern of clients energy field can be accessed. With advanced techniques now available, over 3,200 fractal patterns and energetic healing signatures have been added to the HEB program.



BioSignatures are linear diagrams that are designed to affect the energy structure of the body and major organs. They are said to contain vibrational qualities similar to the archetypal patterns of the organs which they are interfacing. The resulting exchange between the organ and the BioSignature creates a condition called harmonic resonance.

Similar in concept to a computer, being activated by an electric signal, the resulting function of the organ being influenced by resonance, is determined by the design of the circuitry.

When a BioSignature is placed within the peripheral energy field of the body, its energy is channeled to the organ, through its unique linear diagram, much as electricity surges through wires, or running water along a riverbed.

Once resonance is established the energy patterns attune themselves to the target organ (much like the tuning of musical instruments) causing a harmonic amplification, which aides in the restoration of energetic balance within that organ.

Corrections at an energetic level may be instantaneous. However, the manifestation of physical change is, dependent upon many possibilities, including the nature and severity of the overall energy imbalance.

If the BioSignatures are not properly designed or not needed, they will not enter into resonance with one's energy field, thereby producing no effect.

When attempting to reestablish energetic equilibrium to any system, a general, initial bioenergetic-effect known as the retracing process, is often experienced by the recipient prior to achieving harmonic balance. The body, therefore recreates a state of well-being in reverse order to which it became energetically impaired at a more subtle level.

The HEB has hundreds of BioSignatures available, each exchanging information with the holographic matrix of the individual as represented by their photograph. This process takes place on a continual basis:  Twenty-four hours a day / Seven days a week.


Sample Biosignature



There is a theory called "Newberg's Theory". Newberg's Theory is based on research that commenced in the 1970's. It describes how brain function could produce a range of religious experiences. The experiences could range from profound epiphanies of saints to a quiet sense of holiness felt by the believer during prayer.

The late Eugene d'Aquili, a psychiatrist and an anthropologist, founded this theory. In the late 1990's he collaborated with a radiologist named Newberg. The two took d'Aquili's theory and began testing it.

Using imaging technology called SPECT, they scanned the brains of Tibetan Buddhists in meditation and Franciscan nuns in deep, contemplative PRAYER. The scans photographed blood flow, which indicated levels of neural activity in each of the participant's brains at the moment that person reached an intense spiritual peak.

They began studying the scans. In the brain, there is an area in the left parietal lobe that is called the orientation association area. The orientation association area is the region responsible for drawing the line between the physical self and the rest of existence. To draw the line is a task that requires a constant stream of neural information flowing in from the senses. The scan showed at peak moments of prayer and meditation, the flow was dramatically reduced. As the orientation association area was deprived of information that is needed to draw the >. line between the self and the world, the subjects would experience a sense of limitless awareness melting into infinite space.

Newberg and d'Aquili found that by lowering the degrees of blood flow blockage the results produced a range of milder, more ordinary spiritual experiences.

The research, they believe, suggests that all feelings are rooted not in emotion or wishful thinking, but in the genetically arranged wiring of the brain.

When Newberg was asked if their research suggests that God is a perception generated by the brain, or has the brain been wired to experience the reality of God, answered, "The best and most rational answer I can give to both questions is simply, "YES."



Happiness is something we all seek, whether we call it happiness, joy, fulfillment or inspiration. We are all seeking that well-spring of bliss which lights up our days and touches our nights with magic. We want to feel unconditional love and experience authentic lives with inspiration. We want to fulfill our soul's desire!

Yet it is impossible to accomplish without first recognizing who we really are. Every spiritual discipline or teaching alludes to that principle. Energetic Balancing is but one of many facets that aide us in the quest to become conscious and aware of our spiritual heritage. Always remember that each of us has our own unique frequency of consciousness. It is the integral fingerprint of our Being-ness.

Once we can perceive and recognize ourselves as the Essence of Spirit, not just a human subsistence, we then experience all the joy, fulfillment, and inspiration of that fully aware existence. By first becoming ourselves, and loving ourselves, we are then able to extend the same to others through unconditional love.



Having a Mantra on your computer works the same as a traditional prayer wheel. As the digital image spins around your hard drive, it sends the peaceful prayer of compassion to all directions and purifies the area." -the Dalai Lama

Prayer wheels have been used in Buddhist ritual for centuries. They are little drums that spin on a stick handle. Inside, pieces of paper with prayers written on them, cling to the walls as they spin. It is said that with each turn of the wheel, the prayer is repeated, over and over as long as the drum is spinning.

Some Christian sects use lighted candles as vigils of prayer, with the belief that as long as the candle burns the prayer ascends to heaven as a perpetual petition. A picture is placed with the candle to further specify the intended recipient of the answered prayer thus, complying with St. Paul's admonition to pray continuously.

Prayer has been removed from science due to its spiritual, religious context. Certainly, in our modern Western scheme of thought, religion has no basis in science. But, the times are changing, as Western medicine Is realizing that Eastern modalities, tested by time, have survived.

Medical science has long been impaled by an attitude of "prove it. "If it can't be quantified, qualified, or experimentally repeated with the same results ad infinitum, then it doesn't exist. Upon completion of several Columbia University protocols, medicine may have to acknowledge what humankind has known and felt for eons upon eons, that prayer is not only effective, it works!

The HEB program is a form of "virtual", continuous, life affirming prayer, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What does this mean? It means that your picture, which is a holographic representation of YOU, is being prayed over by the sacred intent of YOURSELF. As more people come on board, they too, will be able to receive and accept the energetic waves and affirmations of the HEB.

Scripture says" pray as if we have already received what we have asked for." The images and symbols are just that, exclamations of anticipated results. It is up to one's holographic self to accept healing, wholeness, and wellness.

On a subtle energetic level, once the holographic self has accepted the information being conveyed, the results begin to gradually influence us at all levels.

We live in a sea of electromagnetic energy, making the conversions of energy to matter, (results) In this three dimensional world a rather slow and tedious process at times. Often the transition to a physical response is dependent upon the contracts and commitments we have made with ourselves and others before we entered this life, thus determining what can occur and what we need to experience in order to continue on our path of Becoming that which we are.

The HEB program presents us with a continuous template of powerful affirmations and energies, interacting with our Holographic Self, as represented by the photographic matrix.

HEB is non-denominational, and is not a replacement for religious or spiritual practice. The HEB's mission is to: "CREATE HARMONY FROM-WITHIN" to humankind. Written by Dr. Larry Adams.



We are energy beings, generating electrical current from every nerve and cell in our body. Magnetic fields surround all electrical circuitry. The biomagnetic field enveloping our body is commonly referred to as the:


With the advent of Kirlian photography in the late 1960's this phenomena has been graphically documented. Through proper training we can learn how to adjust the nervous system in order to produce changes within our own electrical system or magnetic field. The powerful connection between the nervous system and health is one which is commonly acknowledged by the healing sciences.

Through years of experimentation and documentation it is known that meditative and contemplative techniques can produce alterations in the body's bioelectric field (the aura).

Impressive studies by Dr. Larry Dossey, MD and others, continue to confirm the transformational healing power of specialized prayer.



1 Root Ruby/Garnet Saturn Ovaries/Testicles Earth Red
2 Navel Amber/Topaz Moon Pancreas Water Orange
3 Solar Plexus Gold/Citrine Mars/Sun Adrenals Fire Yellow
4 Heart Malachite/Peridot Venus Thymus Air Green
5 Throat Lapis/Sapphire Mercury Thyroid Sound Blue
6 Third Eye Quartz Crystal Jupiter Pituitary Light Violet
7 Crown Diamond Uranus Pineal Thought Indigo

Chakra's have often been referred to as resembling the Lotus Flower.  The term Chakra, derived from Sanskrit, signifies a wheel. Its correlation to Energetic Balancing is the manner in which the wheel-like vortices, or Chakras, exist within the etheric- body counterpart of man.

Our Chakra's are energy centers and vehicles through streams of energy and vitality flow. This ceaseless current of energy assists in sustaining the body's energetic system. Chakra's also convey the undulationing influence of the subtle energies of thought and feeling from the spirit-material bodies, outward, to our physical manifestation.



HEB programmers are constantly working on incorporating new energetic patterns and modalities. One of the more interesting and innovative is the addition of the "Voice Pattern Analysis Technology." This added dimension will attempt to assess aberrant and missing tonal patterns in the voice presentation. As they are identified, corrective information will be introduced to the individuals energetic matrix for assimilation.



Concern with weight and weight issues is rapidly growing. Today we are more conscious of our health than ever before. Our body shape also has important effects on our self-esteem and general confidences.

Many crash diet programs offer exceptional weight loss, yet the person finds they only put the weight back on again a few months later. Healthy weight loss involves important components. Many of these programs are not healthy. Healthy weight loss involves five keys.

The five keys are:
1. Water Intake
2. Proper Nutrition for your body type
3. Specific Supplementation
4. Appropriate Exercise
5. Release of any mental, emotional, spiritual, or energetic blocks to weight loss

The HEB may be able to assist in the weight loss process. The repetition of powerful recurrent prayers or affirmations striking your holographic matrix (as represented by your picture) encourages the change and release of inappropriate behavioral patterns. This takes place on a 24/7 basis, 365 days a year, continually confirming our intention to maintain a proper weight ratio. Studies by reputable medical technicians, verifying the powerful effects of repetitious prayer and affirmations, are becoming voluminous. See Dr. Dossey's Web site for more information on his, and other studies. But let's not forget the most vital component of all:  SELF RESPONSIBILITY.



When our thought forms, deeds, and energies are disharmonious, and out of control, they flow into and mingle with those of others like two different colored liquids In the same glass. After a while you may not be able to tell them apart.

We are confronted with two necessities. One is to control our own energy in order to determine what flows In and out of our energetic space. The other option allows for a vehicle of defense, protecting us from the aberrant discharge of uncontrolled negative energies that others may release. Combining these two mechanisms Is, of course, very useful.

Consciousness and awareness are very important factors. Learning to recognize the "feel" of our own energy is important. If we are feeling well, and for no apparent reason a sudden depression descends upon us, perhaps our energetic antenna has intercepted or Interacted with the energy field of an individual that is vibrating a frequency of anger or disharmony.

However, we must recognize that we have the right of discernment and do not have to resonate with anything we choose to ignore. When confronted with an unwanted energy assault, a simple postulate similar to the following may be helpful: "I do not accept this energetic connection that my consciousness has identified. I send it back with love and neutrality. Now, I command this energy to go away and leave me alone!

Remember that every thought we think solidifies into a future condition! Be vigilant, wise and wary of the tremendous power of words and thought!



Life is an amazing flow of co-creation. While we are individually responsible for the life we create for ourselves, those around us help to create a context for our creation.

Never forget that life is an agreement, and all of those that are in our lives are there for a reason.  "Like Energy attracts Like Energy."

We choose the path and destiny of our becoming. Never forget that those in our lives are there to assist us in reaching our goals. It's always by mutual consent. Bless Them!



Water has a very important message for us. It is telling us to take a much deeper look at ourselves. Remember, we as human beings are 70% water, and water covers 70% of our planet. Human life has been correlated and is directly connected to the quality of water within our bodies and around us.

Mr. Emotos has provided factual evidence, that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas, and music, affect the molecular structure of water. Water is the very source of all life on this planet, therefore its quality and integrity are vitally important to all forms of life.

Water is a very changeable substance. Its physical shape easily adapts to whatever environment is present. Not only does Its physical appearance change, so does the molecular shape. The vibration of the environment will change the molecular shape. This allows water to visually reflect the environment as well as molecularly reflect the environment.

After seeing the water react differently to environmental conditions, he decided to see how names affected the formation of untreated distilled water crystals. Mr. Emoto decided to use the names of several deceased persons. He typed those names onto paper using a word processor. He then taped each typed name onto the bottom of its own glass bottle filled with distilled water. Amazing results were noted. See the photos below, that show the response from names of two deceased persons.

Two of the photographs below show environmental conditions and changes before prayer and after prayer. They also show an incredible reflections of water, as alive and highly responsive to everyone of our emotions and thoughts. It is quite clear that water easily takes on the vibrations and energy of its environment. This leads to profound evidence that we can positively heal and transform ourselves and our planet by the thoughts we choose to think and the ways in which we put those thoughts into action.



A New:  Meditation
Grant me the Fortitude to accept other's for who they are, and the wisdom to accept responsibility for my own state of consciousness. Grant me the recognition to know that all is Becoming and Conscious Awakening Is occurring, and that I am Aware and Becoming. Remind me that conscious Awareness shall, occur to each and all In the correct order of Becoming, as Recognition flows from the Divine Fountainhead.



An individual's consciousness is only as limited as their imagination at any given moment. But the end-point to which consciousness can grow is a different question. Although the answer is perhaps elusive, it Is not one of spiritual mysticism, but rather scientific reality.

It is possible for consciousness to expand beyond the limits of our current understanding of the holographic matrix. That is, it Is possible for consciousness to reach a point of such expansion that it is aware of that beyond the concept of human creation.

Extending outside that understanding Is something other than simple form and structure and Is therefore not consistent with logic. When an individual, trained to perceive through traditional cognitive faculties, reaches a point of awareness where it contacts where it contacts the infinite reality of non-structure then it soars beyond the limits of mind. It dwells in the actuality of SOUL...the limitless creator!